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Gabriele Zellerhoff

Gabriele Zellerhoff

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For your nicer life.

You are natural blond? Great - and the best way to make it even better.

We are specialists for best bleaching, from White Blonde to Golden Blonde - very modern!

Blonde, Super Blonde, Platinum Blonde,

Cupper Blonde, Pearl Blonde, White Blonde,

Pastel Blonde, Silver Blonde,

Golden Blonde, Ash Blonde.

Or 62 other nuances.

Everything is there.

Blond - the most feminine of all hair colors. From platinum to golden angel hair - A great blond makes more of fine hair and also provides a fresh complexion. If the natural hair is already in the blond range, light blond tones are possible.

Blond für magische Wirkung

A colour change has effects which border on the Magic   -   Especially Blonde

Platinum blond once signaled pure sin. Today, our brilliant blondes make attractive, support the personality and ensure the greatest attention!

Varied shades through light-dark combinations in 3 colours:

Especially interesting: some lighter strands, which bring interesting reflexes in the hair, for example in the picture above. It's just great, which effects can be achieved with strands.

Blond in our Balayage Colour Technique:

Do you fancy lighter blonde? Go ahead. Based on your natural colour, we like to present what is possible.

We make Heads.

Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.

Noch mehr Pepp: Platinblond mit interessanten Strähnchen


Farbsträhnchen - physikalisch gefärbt oder als Haareinsatz mit Ultraschall-Bonding eingesetzt - geben der platinblonden Grundfarbe bei jeder Bewegung einen brisanten schattengleichen Schimmer