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Gabriele Zellerhoff

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Of course, the daily, careful treatment of hair at home is the most important thing to keep it beautiful and healthy. Damaged hair, which has become brittle, fragile and badly friable, you should give us in care. For certain disorders, the intensive treatment leads to faster success with us.

For example, with split ends and heavily damaged hair or to strengthen sensitive hair: our 2-phase oil therapy for damaged hair provides the hair with fat and care substances, then encases the hair with a protective cover and gives it a stand.

before treatment

With our 2-phase oil therapy even stronger damage in the hair keratin can be repaired.

The hair length strand by strand are treated with a special oil. As a result, the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the hair. After a special, stabilizing wash, the hair is "sealed" with a cream pack. The result of this elaborate treatment is impressive. The 2-phase oil therapy repaired and smooths the damaged hair. Even very affected hair is then again jumpy, shiny and supple.

Glanznummer für Starkhaar

Our 2-Phase-Care-Treatment:

Hair wash with 5-zone fluid massage

Treatment phase 1

The hair lengths are treated strand by strand with a special oil. As a result, the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the hair

Treatment phase 2

The hair is 'sealed' with a cream pack. An organic shell surrounds your hair, seals the stored in the interior care substances, smoothes and protects your hair long term. The 2-phase combination strengthens the hair and keeps the cuticle layer especially smooth and shiny in the long term.

2-Phase Oil Treatment

Pampering time with us: about 30 minutes

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total offer too .... € 26,00

              The visible difference...

after treatment

Oil Therapy for strained strong hair: Our highlight.

Comeback as Snow White.

We make Heads.

Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.