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Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.

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Your personal accent

         with a colour or tint

We make Heads.

Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.

What colour suits me?

Coral red, super blond, brunette or noble black? Here you go. In the realm of colours, we know each other like a musician in the realm of sound.

Exciting colorations and tints play the first violin with us. A great colour makes everything from fine hair, also ensures a fresh complexion and superbly supports a pleasant look.

Pure effect - eye-catching or even dignified with fluently incorporated chic highlights - as you wish. The fact that this also grey covers are achieved, almost incidental.

Our Red

awakens princes

A selection of over 250 shades. We can also optimally fulfill the desire for stronger fashion accents or a type change.


in several tones

noble shimmering Blue-Black

Our color techniques provide for a natural - or if desired also conspicuous - play of colors.

Each person has his own color, tending either to the warm or cool nuances of a color. If your own color type is certainly determined, optimizing your radiance by refreshing your hair color is a good way.

Part of the art of our hairdressers is to help you find out the color you are looking for and give the natural color of your hair an attractive sheen. Often a light breath is enough, and your hair has the shimmering radiance you almost forgot.

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for magical effect

to the Red Nuances to the Blond Variations to the examples Noble Black to the examples Brunette

Our colours are top

We use the spectrum of La Biosthetique with the most intense colour brilliance and for gentle preservation and promotion of a healthy hair structure. Silky shimmer with sparkling colour reflections and supple smoothness right down to the tips are the natural result of our colour and hair treatments.