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Bright moments and hair loss ratios? Contrast Program

The hair growth takes place in the lower part of the hair follicle, through the hair root. It is supplied by the papilla with the necessary nutrients, including amino acids, mucopolysacrhorids and trace elements. Here, the hair gets its growth impulses.

The ampoule concentrate Anti-Chute counteracts weakened growth and diffuse hair loss: It promotes better blood circulation to the scalp and stimulates energy metabolism. Although this does not reforest cleared areas, the treatment can strengthen weak hair growth and prevent premature hair loss.

Anti Chute provides the hair root with bio-stimulators, trace elements, proteins and sugar compounds in concentrated form, which provide for the energetic thrust in the area of ​​the hair roots. The impulses for growth are intensified, the remaining hair gains more strength and stability.

Diffuser hair loss can be effectively slowed down and the quality of hair regrowth significantly improved.

The secret of a tiny phial

Only 8 cm small

with a huge effect:

Slows down hair loss

Prolongs the life of each hair

Supplies the papilla with vitamins and protein

Shortens the resting phase of the hair root after hair loss

Strengthens the hair root and supplies it with biostimulants and trace elements

Ensures an improved quality of the regrowing hair

Fine hair gets more fullness and hold

Pampering time with us about 15 minutes

Treatment Price

including ampoule € 15,50

We recommend a personal consultation

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Gabriele Zellerhoff

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