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Gabriele Zellerhoff

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M Biosthetique in Paderborn

Welcome to our care treatments

from La Biosthetique!

The hairdressers Gabriele Zellerhoff offer for you the great care program of La Biosthetique with the cell-active anti-aging care for hair and skin.

Maintaining the biological balance of the scalp is our top priority in our work. For this purpose, we have been using the biosthetics care program for more than 20 years with the highest success rates.

Our scalp and hair treatment with the care program of La Biosthetique is one of the most effective hair care methods in the world.

For scalp and hair treatment we use different methods:

Vitalisante Method

The care for dry scalp and dry hair

Sensitive Method

Our synergy care for sensitive scalp and sensitive hair

Stabilisante Method

The synergy care for fine hair

Pellicules Method

Our method against dandruff

Method Regenerante

 A regenerative cure for hair growth disorders

Method Normalisante

Our care for the normalization of scalp and hair

Cheveux Longs

The synergy care for long hair

Skin care is available for you:

Essentielle Method

The care highlight for special demands

Anti-Age Method

For premature aging and wrinkles, the Anti-Age method supports skin regeneration, with noticeable firming of facial skin

Clarifiante Method

Skin normalizing care for oily, impure skin

Relaxante Method

Skin restructuring care for the sensitive skin

We make Heads.

Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.

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