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Gabriele Zellerhoff

Gabriele Zellerhoff

Gabriele Zellerhoff © Alle Rechte vorbehalten Datenschutz| Impressum

Gift Ideas Christmas 2015

A crisis-proof care gives us the security of a good and pleasant personality charisma.

Our Creme Beaute Contour (La Biosthetique, Paris) takes care of the wrinkles and folds of major events and supports the skin cohesion by papillary between the upper and lower skin of the eye area. Impact: consolidation of binding forces. Result: skin tightening, wrinkle reduction of wrinkles and crow's feet, and prevent creases and crow's feet for increasing age.

Seek advice from us.


Unfortunately, it is also prone to creases, crows feet and puffiness. Larger events generate a lasting impact.

Gesicht - zart oder hart

Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.

Christmas Gifts

Our skin is tender to the eye area especially. Our eyes are the most expressive and crucial for our impact on the other person - directly and of course the facial area around it.

The face: Soft or hard

Our strongest expressive part of the body