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Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.

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Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.

Men’s haircut in super form

Success in the job and also in the private sector often depends on the appearance. We are professionals in haircut. Our editing program covers all variations, from classic to top modern.

As a man, you are doing well with us. We offer you the best and most accurate men haircut in Paderborn! After hair cleansing with 5-zone-flow-massage you get your personal hair design by professional cutting technique. Our exact cut supports your overall appearance and makes your work easier at home.

Nothing there with Crumbly!

Ever thought of gray reduction? Optimizing your radiance by refreshing your hair color is a discreet way.

The conversion rate of our gray reduction is amazing.

Our perfect hair pigmentation also helps preserve the natural hair shade between light and dark, so your quick makeover is not obvious. Discretion is guaranteed.

Super smooth facial skin fits you well?

With us man is still spoiled as at barbers times! A thorough wet shave with knife & shaving foam will be your unforgettable experience! After shaving, your skin is enriched with a compress and revitalized with soothing visages. In conclusion, we apply a moisturizing lotion. It does not get any smoother!

For all our services, the health of your hair and scalp is our top priority. That is why we also offer you protection and care for the scalp and hair. Our La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Care range is a cell-active skin and hair anti-aging program that activates the skin's mother cells.

There is no more effective anti-aging method.