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Gabriele Zellerhoff

Gabriele Zellerhoff

Gabriele Zellerhoff © Alle Rechte vorbehalten Datenschutz| Impressum

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The skin - all our protection against mechanical and chemical stimuli as well as UV rays - a complex masterpiece. The epidermis renews itself every 4 weeks once completely.

From the scalp every hair begins. The healthier and functioning of the soil - scalp - the more stable is the hair that occur there. With us there the methods and products to maintain situational and appropriate to type the scalp

- against stress and


- against dandruff

- against loss of hair

This is especially popular when a normal treatment brings no lasting success.

A scalp treatment with Hairdressers Gabriele Zellerhoff is always an intensive treatment, consisting of 10 ampoules which are applied within 10 weeks on the scalp. After end of the intensive treatment the loss of hair is clearly reduced. The growing again hair quality is clearly improved. A lengthening of the hair-growth phase enters.

Top Job der Kopfhaut

Beautiful hair is a result of a healthy breeding ground

We are preparing…

High Intensive acting ampoules

Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere

It has an irresistible charisma - thanks to more beautiful hair with a healthy soil

Gabriele Zellerhoff

For your nicer life.

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Our skalp does a great job

The fertile soil for healthy hair