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Gabriele Zellerhoff

Gabriele Zellerhoff

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A high in the winter low:

Skin care for icy times

In winter, we should absolutely avoid anything that moisturize the skin does: alcohol-containing facial lotion, the skin degreasing, alcoholic beverages, which dehydrate the tissue, and laxatives, which bring the moisture regulating mineral metabolism out of balance. Improving the indoor climate can also help, for example with humidifiers and houseplants with a high water demand.

A humidity of less than 50 percent often in heated rooms complies with the conditions in desert areas of the world. With the right care program can overcome the hard times better.

Where is not possible, the best of all skin several times daily with a humidity-making a donation spray refresh. Ideally, "lotion Visalix hydro stable" of La Biosthetique. Some lotion in the air and spray into the face briefly stopped. Besides, an ingenious make-up so remains intact.

For the cosmetic perfection of your new outfits we offer you all the 2018 trends of La Biosthetique, Paris.

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